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How to keep a nice car nice …

The wiring for your voltage inverter installation doesn’t have to look like a plate of spaghetti …


Put the inverter here – it’s attached via several layers of Velcro glued together. This allowed for an adjustment of height to prevent the base of the inverter from touching that nice Westfalia wood. Velcro alone wasn’t stable enough to it’s glued together. It’ll be easy enough to remove the inverter should anyone ever need to work on the air conditioning. There’s a short cord with a 3 prong connector so no cutting of wires is necessary. I used an ethernet cable to connect the original face plate. 6 gauge multi-strand wire connects it to the batter behind/under the driver’s seat.


The positive terminal face  the rear to there’s no way in can short against any metal  – for instance the air conditioning vent. The warning label recommend not putting anything up here to block the vent. I think they mean towels or clothes. Any blockage from the inverter is insignificant.

You’ll have to remove the face plate and cut a few wires. Ethernet cable parts are available at Home Depot. You can buy heat shrink tubing in 4 foot lengths at an electronics store. Solder and flux also required. And time …






Drilling the holes closest to the left required hammering a small ice pick like probe through the wood vs a drill because there’s just no room for the drill motor over there. The circuit breaker that once occupied this spot is just inside the cupboard and mounted on the dividing wall on the left.

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