What I do

You may find that many of my pages are rather long. What takes a couple sentences in the manual or a magazine takes many words and several paragraphs to get the point across with my writing. But we’re working on vehicles where some are approaching 70 years old. They need a lot of attention … to detail.

Because you can replace virtually everything of the vehicle and still find it’s unreliable. Prone to problems. Constantly breaking down all the time. Typical Volkswagen, right?

Not so. If that was the case, why are they still here? Why the reputation of reliability? After all, the Germans almost one the war. They didn’t loose it because their vehicles kept breaking down.

It’s details. Details from installation of the number one main bearing in the engine all the way to the kind of grease used when packing the front wheel bearings.  Attention to details that make it possible to travel all the way from Vancouver, Canada to Fairbanks, Alaska, then on to Banff, Canada, then onward to Patagonia and back with no issues. Reliability. Runs flawlessly. Stops well. Doesn’t consume oil. Doesn’t catch fire. Clutch doesn’t chatter … or make noise. In fact, no funny noises ever for any reason. Door locks work well; key turns easily. VEHICLE IS QUIET. No backfiring. And perhaps the most important thing of all – the heater works.

All of the above and everything else  is not a factor of how much money one spends of parts. Or whether one has the bestest stainless steel muffler or ceramic coated muffler – neither of which I’d give a dime for – it’s all about details.

And using the best parts you can find – genuine Volkswagen parts, new or used – and when this is not possible,  adhering as close to the original design or design intent as possible.

Many of the details are explained on this  this site for you.

But if you can’t or won’t do it, I can.

Because what’s not on the site yet is in my head and in my hands.

So  if you love your Volkswagen and you want to be able to go anywhere in it and come back and you want everything to work,  I’m the guy.

There’s no “us” or “we” here.

It’s just me.

No matter where you are in the North America, bringing your vehicle to me is the best choice. I guarantee it. Because nobody does it like me. Trailer it, tow it, push it, or limp it to me and drive it home. I’ll fix everything that needs fixing from one end to the other. You’ll feel the difference from the moment you start back home. And after 500 miles or so, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I guarantee it.

Bob Hays

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