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Everything ever you wanted to know about German PDSIT carbs – all years

and how to make them work for any stock engine in the back air-cooled application for 1300 cc and up.

belindasengine_edited-2Type 3 carbs on real type 3 manifolds. Single port. Runs like it’s got fuel injection. Smoothest running system you can use. 55 mph in third gear in this mint original everywhere including trans gear ratios 1967 Westfalia. No hassles, great mileage, no over fueling leading to excessive wear on the rings by using carburetion not designed for your vehicle. Easy to get parts, super easy to work on, plentiful, and made (designed) for a Volkswagen by Volkswagen … of Germany, back in the day. And no, dual carbs are not a hassle. Adjust ’em and forget ’em. No chokes necessary and a real clean “came that way” original look. This is what Volkswagen should’ve put in all their vehicles. But the type 3 was VW’s “luxury” vehicle so it was the only one.

I’ll write this. All I need  is a request. Lot’s of text and  lot’s of pictures. Type 3 carb specific. German carbs only. You will  understand.

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