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Changing the oil cooler seals on a type 4 engine really quick

This only works if the cooler seals leak. If you need to change the cooler, you’re gonna be busy. Cooler seals alone are quick and easy.


Take off the fan. You can now reach in and remove the 3 cooler nuts and their respective washers. Pull the cooler away from the engine. If the seals don’t fall out, reach up from underneath with a piece of coat hangar or welding rod and nudge them loose. For installing, use the same coat hangar or welding rod and use grease on the seals to keep make them stick on the end of the rod/hangar and make them stick to then engine when you reach up with the rod/hangar and put them in place. Only use the nice red silicone seals. The other ones can’t take the heat and get hard and leak far earlier than the nice silicone ones.

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